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zip Source: ( Mar 2021 All matches in the pattern must be replaced by a single space. A: Try this : ^.*(Navi|(?i)(?Q: How to find value of input at specific time? I have a script that takes input from an external source. I want to be able to detect if the value of the input changes after a specific time (in seconds), and then take action. For example, a counter or timer should start when the user enters text, and stop after n seconds. If after n seconds, the input value changes, then an event should be triggered. This is an example of what I'm trying to do: $(function() { var count = 0; $('.start-counter').on('change', function() { count = 0; console.log('changing input value'); setTimeout(function() { console.log(count); count++; }, 2000); }); }); Try the below code. I have tested the below code in jsfiddle, it will set input value to 1 by default when page loads. So you can check the result. var count = 1; $('.start-counter').on('input', function() { if ($(this).val() == 1) {




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Softwareprojectmanagementbobhughesmikecotterell4theditiontatamcgrawhill2006 lealau

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